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 At LYL we value your time and take pride in maintaining an on-time schedule for our clients. In order to ensure this we ask that you arrive on time for your appointment or consultation. We do understand that sometimes events occur outside of your control, which is why every client is given a 15-minute grace period* from the start of their appointment time to arrive. 
After 15
minutesthe appointment will either be cancelled (cancellation fee assessed). At stylit's discretion and if time permits, client may still be seen but will be charged a $15+ late fee in addition to regular service price and services will be reduced to fit within the appointment slot.
Special Service clients that arrive late will have $10 forfeited from the deposit every 10 minutes. After 30 minutes the appointment may be cancelled and the entire deposit will be forfeited.

*Since consultations are scheduled for 20 minutes, clients are strongly urged to arrive on-time as after 10 minutes late, the consultation will be cancelled and a $20 cancellation
fee is assessed.


​- After 15 minute grace period appointment may be cancelled but is at the stylist's discretion. (Existing Clients: card charged $50 cancellation fee or 1 Shampoo & Retwist forfeited from pre-payment. New Clients: deposit will be forfeited).
- If not cancelled:
​ - $15+ late fee will be assessed.

- Services may be reduced to fit within the time slot.
- No free style will be given.
- Habitual tardiness will require pre-payment.

Specializing In Healthy Hair & Repairs

Specializing In Healthy Hair & Repairs

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